Simple Ways to Pray

Sometimes the two best prayers are simply

1 "Help me. In this moment I know not what else to do and hand this over to you. Let me be open to thy will. "

And 2
One thing sadly lacking from our societies is a sense of gratitude. The "please's" and "thank you's" of life seem very rare. But the spiritual law of gratitude is powerful so, as often as you can, simply say this short prayer "Thank you for all you have given me today. Without judgement as to whether that is good or not, I know this is your blessing from which I can gain, learn, and grow."

A prayer for every day, any time

I love you God. Beloved One, I give to you all the trials and tests of my life.

Where I have been at all remiss, I hand this to you and forgive myself.

I know I have plans for my life but I submit to your Divine plan.

I give thanks for the many blessings you bestow upon me and Lord, I now attract all that you have for me in my health, wealth, service, relationships - all aspects of my life.

Every day in every way I see more and more your presence in my life. I am grateful.

In addition to you oh Beloved, I give thanks to the following for their part in my life..

Lord, let me be of service to you. Let me be an instrument of thy peace. Show me today what you would have me do and say and let me do all with grace and good intent.